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Acrylic Sign Sublimation Blank

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Sublimation Blank sign
7x5” Acrylic sign with sublimatable wood stand. 

We added examples below of what you can do with this blank

Sublimation coating matt side.

Do Not Mirror Image

Place under something heavy til cool.

Heat press temperature: 392F, 100 seconds, Light/med  pressure.

Peel off and protective plastic covering ON BOTH SIDES before pressing.

1. Cover the bottom table of the press with a sheet of protective paper.
2. Remove Plastic peel coat from BOTH SIDES of substrate
3. Your transfer should be cut to fit exactly. Using ProSpray (Helps paper not to stick. Paper can also be washed off after acrylic cools) to attach your transfer to the substrate. Place Acrylic with design on top 
4. Cover with a sheet of protective paper.
5. Cover it all with a silicone pad
6. Remove the acrylic, place under something heavy, coated side facing down, shiny side up. Do this quickly to avoid warping. Allow to cool completely before removing. (can also curve slightly while hot and place in curved jig to make a curved panel)

Application Notes: Do not mirror the image when printing the transfer.
Sublimation Blank