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Welcome to CID’s Sublimation Blanks & Buy Ins, we are happy to have you. We are a small Mother Daughter owned business. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to help you grow your Business.

Manufacture recommended Time and Temps

We have attached our manufacture recommended time and temps for most of all our products and materials. Keep in mind all equipment is different and these are starting points that our manufactures recommend . If you use higher temps than recommended then these will require less time so on and so forth. Know your equipment and sublimate at your own discretion. 

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping & Return Policies

R E F U N D S- Due to the custom nature of your product, we do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. If the item arrives to you with a manufacturer issue or order mix up , please contact us within 5 days of delivery on how to resolve this issue.

That being said, I stand behind everything I sell, and your satisfaction is my TOP priority. If you are not in love with your purchase for some reason, please reach out via email so we can work on a resolution 🖤

Our processing time is same day. If after 8pm it will be processed following morning.

We ship with USPS and UPS all items are tracked and insured for our protection.

Unfortunately due to the uptick of USPS requesting the damaged items being turned in, If your items arrive damaged due to USPS you will have to make the claim, If for any reason you follow protocol and they do not refund you. Please contact us with the denial letter and we will handle it.

Cid’s Sublimation Blanks

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Our processing time is same day, if after 8pm it will be processed next day.


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I just want to say thank you. My order came in today 2 days after I ordered it. You are awesome. I will definitely be placing another order with you soon. Thank you for all you do. I did not see a place to leave a review on your site for customers to see, or I would have done that. Thank you again. 

Tina West

When you place an order at 7:56pm and get a shipping confirmation at 8:05pm, baaaaby CID’s sublimation is the truth❤️❤️❤️


Myfavorite sublimation blanks group out of all the ones I'm in. Cindi EspinozaHadaway is so helpful and you can tell she really values her customers. I'vebeen burned by small blanks businesses before, so I truly appreciate this onemore than I could ever explain.


Ijust want to tell you thanks for my 20 oz tumblers. I had 3 other orders priorto receiving your order and I had issues with all 3 sets of tumblers. Once Iopened up the box from you I knew that the other tumblers were not truestraight tumblers. The tumblers that I received from you were so easy to wrapfor subbing and I had no problems.

I now know where to order true straighttumblers from. Thanks again!


I just have to say that I absolutely love this business!! They are so fantastic! I have ordered a few times so far and the shipping is extremely fast and the products have always been top of the line quality!! Thank you so much for everything you girls do!! I have recommended them before and I will continue to highly recommend them!!!

Mandy Jones Drummey

Shipping was super fast! Great customer service!

Jennifer Gorostieta

Crazy fast shipping and great prices. Thanks so much.

Roberta Lynn Dawson

 I always get my order early. Love ordering from here

Sarah Beth Coones

I absolutely love all Cids sublimation product. And quick delivery.

Tammy King